Parent Involvement Recommendations

  1. We encourage all children to be present no later than 8:30 a.m. This is an important time of our school day. It is a time when teachers plan circle time and greeting time. This helps a child have a positive attitude which helps make the rest of the day a happy one!
  2. Allow ample time each morning for your child to dress and eat. Children have less separation anxiety from parents when unhurried.
  3. Get to know your child's teacher. The teacher wants to know about your child so they can aid in their development at school. Parent Information will be provided about your child's school day. Please talk with the teacher if you have any questions or concerns.
  4. Children's Corner will invite parents to be included in special activities such as class or school programs, field trips, class projects, and class parties. Please check your child's mailbox daily for upcoming events.
  5. Mark your child's coats, sweaters, mittens, caps, etc. with full name.
  6. Please file change of address and/or telephone numbers immediately. Additionally, let us know of any other changes that should be made on your child's record.
  7. Please notify the Director immediately of any contagious disease or any other illness.
  8. Take an interest in what your child brings home remembering that the process - thinking, doing and feeling, is more important than the product.