Class Offerings

  • Infants - This class provides opportunities to promote brain growth development. There is an established routine to help infants know what to expect and feel secure. Teachers in this class will play games, sing songs, and attend to physical, as well as, emotional needs.
  • Crawlers - This class is for children that are not yet walking by September 1st. The goal for this class is to ensure children feel safe and secure in their environment. The teachers implement a curriculum that helps children with their physical as well as emotional growth.
  • Walkers - This class fosters an environment to help children gain a sense of belonging. It builds on a sense of independence through opportunities to develop self-help skills. Teachers interact with students to promote social, cognitive, and physical development.
  • 2 year olds - This class focuses on the basis of pre-academic skills. Most importantly, 2's will increase social and emotional development with some emphasis on traditional academic skills.
  • 3 year olds - This class increases academic emphasis, while still primarily seeking to improve social and emotional development and problem solving skills.
  • 4 year olds - This class emphasizes social and emotional development, self-awareness, self and peer mediation and attention span. Traditional academic skills are emphasized with a focus on preparation for the more formal Kindergarten setting.

Preschool Hours

Preschool for 3's - 8:30a.m. - 12:30p.m.

Pre-K - 8:30a.m. - 1:15p.m.

Extended Care - 6:30a.m. - 6:00p.m.

Class time begins at 8:30am daily.


Our staff members are people of excellence.

All staff members are screened to assess lifestyle and character, as well as knowledge and skill in teaching. enthusiasm, creativity, loving kindness, and professionalism are all traits that each member of the staff of Children's Corner Preschool possesses.

Staff members are required to take continuing education hours each year.