Mission Statement

With a firm belief that life's values must be assimilated in the earliest years, the goal of our school is to instill in each child a strong sense of personal identity, a recognition that he or she is a child of God endowed with the precious gift of life for a purpose. That purpose can be fulfilled through the pursuit of moral character, duty to God and neighbor, self-mastery, civic obligation, academic excellence, and leadership skills.


Parents want the best care and education for their children. The preschool years are the most important ones for the child's cognitive development. Children's Corner curriculum is designed to facilitate learning in a manner consistent with developmental research. Our goal is to stimulate young minds and cultivate a creative learning environment. Our curriculum includes structure as well as free play times to encourage both academic and social learning.


Children's Corner provides a safe, challenging and stimulating learning environment with many positive reinforcements; thus our underlying theme: Learning is Fun.

An essential key to higher learning is school enjoyment. Therefore, a child's first association with school must be a positive one. Our goal for each child is that they enjoy their school experience with us and be excited about learning.

Children are continually learning and developing spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Our program offers experiences to foster growth in each stage of life.


  1. Provide a classroom setting that is predictable, reduces distractions to a minimum and provides individual and group instruction.
  2. Present a coordinated multi-sensory curriculum designed to develop the pre-reading and writing skills, speaking, listening, and thinking concepts necessary to gain, retain, and express information.
  3. Develop and present opportunities for experiences aimed at cultivation of spiritual and aesthetic values and recreational skills such as art, music, crafts, and physical activity.
  4. Develop and present a curriculum that develops an awareness of one's world.
  5. Provide opportunities to learn self-help skills and develop perceptual motor skills.
  6. Create an atmosphere that fosters respect and concern for one's self and others and also cultivates feelings of success and fairness.
  7. Familiarize children with Bible stories and songs.